Monday, October 24, 2005

RICA Ranger Roundup St Louis AAR

Couple of pics from the event. The 1st is me with Col Robert Black and the 2nd is me wish Major General Singlaub.

Well I made if home from St Louis. Some random thoughts and observations.

Never before have I seen so many black berets worn so many different ways.....with Members Only jackets.

If you get enough 70+ year old Rangers together suddenly they are 50 years younger.

After the dinner on Thursday night when I sat with the 2 men from 2nd Ranger Company I went back to the room and could not sleep. I cracked open my copy of Rangers in Korea somewhere in the next few hours I ran across the list of Silver Star recipients and the name Posey, Edward L. I did a google search when I got home turning up the Ranger Hall of Fame link. I was honored to buy him a drink Saturday night and even more honored for the wisdom he imparted on me on that Thurday.

RICA-KW has started a new organization whose title I think was finally decided to be Descendants and Friends of Korean War Rangers. Anyone interested shoot me a message.

The next reunion is scheduled for 2007 at Ft Benning, GA during the time of the Best Ranger Competition.

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Freakin' Awesome! RLTW!