Monday, October 31, 2005

Only Sith deal in absolutes

Well that may be so but we can also call bullshit when we see it. I love how you can just string a few news articles together.

So in across the pond Prince Chuck is in the news. I will cut him some slack as I have not seen him quoted directly in the articles. Anyway it seems he and the Duchess of Cornhole are going to pay the US a visit. Honestly I do not understand why US citizens give a shit about the Royal inbred family...okay okay back to the point. I need to get back on my Strattera.

The Prince of Wales will try to persuade George W Bush and Americans of the merits of Islam this week because he thinks the United States has been too intolerant of the religion since September 11.

The Prince, who leaves on Tuesday for an eight-day tour of the US, has voiced private concerns over America's "confrontational" approach to Muslim countries and its failure to appreciate Islam's strengths.

The Duchess of Cornwall will accompany her husband
The Prince raised his concerns when he met senior Muslims in London in November 2001. The gathering took place just two months after the attacks on New York and Washington. "I find the language and rhetoric coming from America too confrontational," the Prince said, according to one leader at the meeting.

Okay so we are taking too hard a line against muslims. So 19 hijackers do not represent the whole of islam. Okay I can deal with that but you know what Chuck? Who gives a rats ass what you think? Some great Americans fought a war to be rid of your pompous asses back in 1776. If you could get your nose out of the Duchesses Cornhole for a bit you might take notice that YOUR country is now under attack from these assclowns.

Meanwhile in Indonesia the religion of peace has been busy. Maybe its just me but it seems the MSM here in the US is reporting on the deaths of 3 school girls. Where overseas the headline tells it like it is "3 Christian School Girls Beheaded". I suppose we couldn't add in that they were Christians as it might offend some of the non pork eating citizens. Not that Christians have not ever beheaded anyone or burned them at the stake but this is 2005 isn't it?

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Elelel said...

Heard on Fox this a.m. that a poll showed 80% of Americans could careless about the Prince Charles visit to the U.S. You are not alone in your sentiments towards the Prince.