Monday, December 01, 2008

It could happen here?

I have seen several articles written about the terrorist attacks in India where the writer has said "It could happen here." Seems to be a trend I see that these papers tend to be in Kalifornia or a yankee state with unarmed citizenry. You are right it could happen here and probably will in state with tight gun controls, no concealed weapon licenses, and most likely a gun free zone.

Can you really see a soft target in the south where those nimrods would not have faced a hail of bullets from the locals? I was amazed by the pictures of the terrorists walking around in the open. I really doubt American cops would show the restraint of their Indian counterparts.

Lastly one thing that would happen here is CNN would gladly relay what the cops were doing to the terrorists on the inside watching tv. I remember watching CNNI the other night when they were showing the Indian military and police moving in and wondering why they had not cut the power to the building.

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