Saturday, November 29, 2008

How could the punishment ever fit the crime?

When this happened this summer I was honestly to upset and angry to even attempt to blog about it. I didn't think this case at the time could make me more irate. I was wrong.

Angela Wadlington, her 5-year-old daughter and 4-year-old friend held hands and walked across Floyd Street on July 25 when there was a screech of tires and a vehicle headed right for them.

"Then we were struck," she told Louisville Metro police.

Wadlington said she was knocked to the ground and jumped up to check on the girls, according to court records released yesterday.

She saw her daughter, Claudia Faye Wadlington, in a pool of blood, one of her legs severed. The girl died at the scene, her neck broken. Claudia's friend, Riley Jane Lawrence, wasn't moving. She was pronounced dead at Kosair Children's Hospital.

The vehicle that hit them kept going, Wadlington told police, according to court records in the case against Kenielle Denise Finch, the alleged driver who is facing numerous charges, including two counts of murder.

It was this picture that really made me break down as father and EMT/RN that has seen this way too much.

This assclown ran because he had oustanding warrants for tampering with physical evidence, felon in possession of a handgun, leaving the scene of an accident, carrying a concealed deadly weapon, being a persistent felony offender, and possession of a controlled substance.

What I didn't understand then was why he was loose to start with. Warrants like that lead me to believe he was arrested and released somehow? That made me angry.

Then I have to stumble upon this when searching to see when the trial starts.

Man charged with hitting and killing 2 girls has sentence cut short, many outraged

Finch was already on Louisville’s most wanted list. He was a paroled felon who’d been on the run for eight months. So when finch was arrested on the girls’ murders, he was tossed back in state prison to serve out his parole violation and the rest of his eight year sentence on a slew of other felony charges.

But then, 12 days later, the state gave Finch credit for 692 days, nearly two years worth of so-called street credit, for the time he was on parole and not convicted of a new crime. So because of the state’s new early release policy, Finch wrapped up his sentence on those earlier charges last week.

Finch is no longer in prison but he is still in the Louisville jail. He was transferred there awaiting trial on those new murder charges involving 5-year-old Claudia Wadlington and 4-year-old Riley Lawrence. If he makes bond or judge rules against prosecutors, Finch would be back on the street.

Attorney General Jack Conway is suing the state justice cabinet over its new early release policy, claiming it’s putting violent offenders back on the street too soon. Prison officials and state lawmakers say Kentucky is only following the lead of other states in trying to cut millions of dollars in prison costs.

Of all the money the state spends on complete and utter bullshit they are going to save money by tossing a sorry sack of shit like that back out on the street. I don't know who the assclowns are that paroled him but they will have to live with this. I hope more investigation is done and we find out why this guy was not still in prison and who is responsible so their names can be posted here.

I was going to post a picture of these 2 beautiful girls but I just can't bring myself to do it.

This is the link to a memorial page instead.

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Eva said...

There is no punishment that can fit this crime. We can hope, if he is convicted, that he is sent to the "general population" in prison where other prisoners may wish to mete out justice to one who has killed two innocents, and then smiled and smirked throughout his trial.