Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Gun safety and you

Police Chief Who Shot Himself Talks Gun Safety

"I was a firearms instructor, SWAT was that familiarity that got me in trouble."

Chief Greg Schwarber says Friday morning he took his daughter to the shooting range to teach her how to safely fire a weapon. A few hours later the veteran policeman was living that lesson when he went home to clean his weapon - a Glock 45.

"I had a pile of bullets and the magazine which I put on the side table...and as I did, I saw the TV controller and grabbed that...first mistake."

Chief Schwarber says he was distracted and forgot a crucial step to disassembling the Glock.

You think? Like maybe making sure there was not a round chambered? Not a fan of Glock but at least he didn't blame the gun and owned up to his fuck up. I hope the Chief spends some time in the local schools talking gun safety now after he is surely the talk of the town.

In a civilized society only the police would have guns because they are properly trained and responsible.

Like this guy who I hear is somehow still employed by the DEA?

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