Wednesday, December 03, 2008

St. Louis alderman says pack some heat

St. Louis Alderman Quincy Troupe calls on residents to carry handguns for safety

ST. LOUIS — Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe's neighborhood has seen nine homicides in 10 months this year, more than all but one other section of the city.

With gunplay wreaking havoc on his ward, Troupe thinks he has found an answer: citizens arming themselves.

The alderman is pleading with constituents to get guns of their own — and learn how to use them. Troupe, who represents a swatch of north St. Louis, is encouraging residents to apply for concealed weapons permits so they can start carrying a firearm.

Criminals have shown they would rather flee than engage and are more likely to target a house or person they consider a soft target.

Of course not everyone agrees:

Police Chief Dan Isom, who took office in October. Though Isom says he "can understand Alderman Troupe's frustration," citizens arming themselves is "not something I necessarily support."

"I don't really want a society where everyone in the city of St. Louis is carrying a gun," Isom said. "That, I don't think, is a recipe for a less violent community."

Fellow Alderman Lyda Krewson is more direct in her criticism. She calls Troupe's concealed weapons push "wacky" and "counterproductive."

Krewson, whose then-husband was shot and killed in front of their Central West End home 13 years ago, was one of the state's leading critics of the 2003 concealed weapons law.

"The more guns that we have on the streets in the city of St. Louis — or anywhere for that matter — the more guns are going to be stolen, and are going to fall into the wrong hands," Krewson said.

Big surprise the chief doesn't want the sheep armed meanwhile Krewson is just a loon. Krewson thinks because citizens get their conceal carry criminals will have more gun to steal? For fucks sake...

Mean while the mayor has the answer:

Mayor Francis Slay wrote in his blog Tuesday that some of the most violent crimes in Troupe's ward are committed with guns stolen from law-abiding citizens.

He said Troupe could do more good urging residents to cooperate with investigating police officers, lending support for activities for children, and lobbying legislators to increase funding for jobs training and economic development.

Yeah if only criminals/crackheads had a job they wouldn't be a lazy sack of shit who would rather steal than work. Like a politician or mayor?

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