Saturday, January 24, 2009

Draft Peter Schiff to run against Chris Dodd?

If you don't know who Peter Schiff is he is one of the few who saw this economic collapse coming. He tried to warn people but the pundits laughed in his face.

I hope that laughing prick Mike Norman lost his ass in this mess and is living in a cardboard box. In the video Payne suggested buying Washington Mutual but I wonder if he invested in them. Meanwhile I see that Art Laffer still owes Schiff that penny.

Wouldn't it be ironic for the idiot Dodd who helped run our economy into the ground had to run against one of the few on the planet who said this was going to happen?

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navyvet48 said...

I love Peter Schiff.....yes he got it right....instead we are stuck with the same old train wreck Clintonistas that had a hand in creating this mess! Thanks!!

(By the way it is just a name....I lost that liberal tag and ideology very firmly over the last two years!