Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hamas shows its class

Bodies of Hamas leader's children paraded as group promises 'painful' revenge for their deaths

The bodies of a senior Hamas leader's small children were today ghoulishly paraded through the streets of Gaza as the group pledged to avenge their deaths.

Nizar Rayan, his four wives and 10 of his children were all killed by in an Israeli air strike on his home after he ignored warnings they should go into hiding.

In grisly scenes, mourners held up the bloodied bodies of the children to the cameras in a clear attempt to blacken Israel's name and highlight its brutality.

Graphic images showed the young children's uncovered faces as the victims were carried by thousands of angry Hamas supporters during the funeral procession.

Using his own wives and children as a human shield much like Hamas uses all of Gaza. Not working now though is it?

Hamas leaders have largely disappeared since Israel launched its operations but Rayan was known for openly defying the country.

Well hell no they are not going to stick around there's a shooting war on now.

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