Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hospital scrubs can kill

Hospital Scrubs Are a Germy, Deadly Mess

You see them everywhere -- nurses, doctors and medical technicians in scrubs or lab coats. They shop in them, take buses and trains in them, go to restaurants in them, and wear them home. What you can't see on these garments are the bacteria that could kill you.
Imagine sliding into a restaurant booth after a nurse has left the germ on the table or seat. You could easily pick it up on your hands and then swallow it with your sandwich. Hospitals should provide workers with clean uniforms and prohibit wearing them in public.

Most hospitals only provide scrubs for those that work in the OR or PACU. I would think the most vulnerable patients in the NICU and ICU/CCU should get the same courtesy of those in the OR.

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LT Nixon said...

I was talking with a nurse about this very issue last night. She said it's pretty damn gross to wear your scrubs outside of the hospital. I accused her of having OCD, but apparently she's right.

Jason said...

Oh yeah I would love to do some cultures of my shoes or name tag to see whats growing on it. I see people in the waiting room letting babies crawl on the floor and I think hell I won't even bring my kid into the hospital if I can help it.