Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Should we start a poll to name this new base?

UN proposes Green Zone-style base in Somalia

Three masked gunmen fatally shot a Somali aid worker Tuesday, as the U.N. envoy to Somalia said the United Nations should create a Baghdad-style Green Zone in the African country so he can base all his aid workers there.

The U.N. now keeps its international Somalia staff members in Kenya to shield them from the risk of attacks and kidnappings. In 2008, at least 13 aid workers were killed in Somalia, which has not had an effective government since 1991.

"It is very difficult to address (the) Somali situation from Nairobi (the Kenyan capital). I think it is even negative," the envoy, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, said during a news conference in Nairobi, Kenya. "We should have a Green Zone, if necessary, in Somalia."

Ould-Abdallah did not give a time frame for creating a fortified, walled-off area like the Green Zone in Iraq used by U.S.-led forces, but it would be costly and time-consuming.

Maybe just maybe if you stop worrying about providing them food they will spend more time looking for or growing food they won't have time for shooting each other?

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Xul said...

I'm sure the UN would like all this to be US funded since it's "costly and time consuming." And secured with American troops. I can just hear the shrieks of "American Imperialism! and Occupation!"