Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recon the bank BEFORE you rob it

Would-be robber leaves empty-handed after mistaking water office for bank

About 1 p.m. Tuesday, a man entered the office of Jessamine South Elkhorn Water District at 802 South Main Street — formerly a branch of Farmers Bank — showed a revolver and demanded money, Nicholasville police spokesman Scott Harvey said.

Harvey said an employee told the man, "We really don't have any money."

Harvey said the robber responded: "I know you have money. It's a bank." But he was told, "No, sir, it's not a bank any more."

"He looked around, realized it wasn't, and he left with nothing," Harvey said.

Witnesses told police that the robber was a heavyset black man in his mid-30s and was wearing a black parka with a hood lined with brown fur. Police were looking for a van that might have been involved in the attempted robbery.

What kind of parka? Was it genuine aardvark fur?

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