Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christ he really is reading a book on FDR

Obama's plan to spend almost a Trillion dollars to employ 2.5 million for rebuilding roads and bridges, modernizing schools, building wind farms, solar panels and fuel-efficient cars. Today the blogosphere was set ablaze by this news. I'm sure the left is giddy with excitement while the right is screaming socialism and the libertarians are aghast. 2.5 million more useless over paid govt twats I will have to support. But hey if the Big 3 all go under they could surely transition from the UAW to Uncle Sams teat.

I really have just one thought on how this effects me. Building roads and bridges do we really want to go back to the govt actually building the damn things? The state and feds contract out things like road building, repaving and bridge work to professionals because these companies do a good job and its much cheaper. Seriously do we really want out of work former job bank UAW members attempting to build a bridge?

Here is the kind of quality work I see coming from this program.

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