Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terror in India an observation

So I have CNNI on here when one of Indian docs stops by to see how the patient is and catch the latest. I couldn't help but point out that I have yet to see any of the Indian police wearing body armor. He said " Seriously you know how huge our population is and how much it would cost to by them vests?". Right........

As usual I doubt the leader is anywhere near the action but sending his followers on a one way trip like Bin Laden.

I just saw a truck unload what was subtitled Indian Army Commando unit. I saw at least 5 different assault rifles being carried including AK and AR variants. Not gonna be able bum a mag from your buddy.

CNNI is giving credit to the citizen journalists posting video and video on their blogs and twitter. They are posting up thief address asking for amateur footage as well.

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