Friday, November 28, 2008

Pennsylvania National Guard unit deploys with 'Flying Beer Keg'

Nat'l Guard Gets Spying, 'Flying Beer Keg' for Iraq

A Pennsylvania National Guard unit will get a new toy before it deploys to Iraq in January -- an odd-looking robotic aircraft, sometimes referred to as "the flying beer keg."

Designed by Honeywell, the gasoline-powered Micro Air Vehicle, or gMAV, is designed to be a "hover and stare" drone that can loiter over urban canyons, providing surveillance for small units on the ground. The recon keg uses ducted-fan technology to float through the sky. Designers have also added a gimbal-mounted sensor so the gMAV's remote video camera can scan the scene without rotating in mid-air.

Reminds me of the Cypher from Metal Gear Solid video games.

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