Monday, November 03, 2008

McConnell breaks down in Madisonville

Lunsford gets boost from Clinton
McConnell: Voters value his seniority

McConnell campaigned Sunday in Madisonville, in the heart of Western Kentucky, which, despite an overwhelming majority of registered Democrats, has increasingly tilted toward Republican candidates for Congress, U.S. Senate and president over the last 20 years.

McConnell and his wife, U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, rode in a convertible in a veterans parade, waving to the crowd and posing for pictures. The vehicle broke down about halfway through the route, so the Washington power couple walked the rest of the way, shaking hands and talking to people.

That explains the abundance of horse shit on Main street.

Seriously though I have had to endure this nasty race for so long now looking at either one of them makes me want to puke. I have heard all the mud that Lunsford has to throw and I am unimpressed by far. Trying to stick NAFTA on McConnell and then wheeling out Hillary to campaign for him? Is Lunsford that ignorant of history?

By the way shouldn't Hillary be campaigning for that other guy running for something?

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