Friday, November 14, 2008

iPhone OS 2.2 coming next week ?

Rumor: iPhone OS 2.2 coming next week

The next update to the iPhone might be here in time for Turkey Day.

At least, that's what a Greek site called iPhone Hellas is claiming (via Gizmodo).

Google translations can be tricky things, but the site reports that "The iPhone OS v2.2 will be given in circulation on 21 November '08." That could just mean that developers will be getting an advance copy to test against their applications that day, but it could also mean that Apple plans to release the update as of that date.

The forthcoming update is reportedly going to bring iPhone users the Google Street View feature as well as over-the-air podcast downloads, among other things. An earlier report had pegged the release of that software for October, but that clearly hasn't happened.

Yet still no copy and paste. /sigh

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