Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it not normal to be stabbed with a pencil in grade school?

9-year-old student charged in pencil stabbing

A 9-year-old elementary school student has been charged with seriously injuring a classmate by stabbing her in the back with a pencil on Wednesday, lawmen said.

Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies charged the boy after he stabbed the 10-year-old girl at Cliffdale Road Elementary School, a news release said.

Investigators say the boy stabbed the girl with a pencil, causing a puncture wound on the upper portion of her back.

The boy stabbed the girl after an argument over a pencil box, authorities said.

According to the release, the boy found his missing pencil box in the girl’s possession.

The girl did not require emergency medical assistance and returned to school Thursday, the release said.

Detectives could charge the boy with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury pending the outcome of the investigation, the release said.

He is in the custody of his parents at this time. School officials will handle disciplinary action against him.

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Ah memories (or is it PTSD) of Catholic grade school come back. I still bear the blue/black marks on both legs from being stabbed in the 5th grade. Young Steven took the worst of it when I caught him in the bathroom later and gave him a swirly. A different time I suppose and it wasn't a boy stabbing a girl. I suppose we should ban pencils from schools now for the sake of the children.

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