Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coal industry is screwed now hope the UMWA is happy

Utah coal plant permit blocked by EPA panel

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Environmental Protection Agency was blocked Thursday from issuing a permit for a proposed coal-burning power plant in Utah without addressing global warming. The ruling by an agency appeals panel means the Obama administration probably will determine the fate of other similar plants.

Environmentalist and lawyers representing industry groups said the ruling stops the permitting of perhaps as many as 100 coal plants.

"In essence this is a punt to the Obama administration. ... All permits in the pipeline are now stymied," said Jason Hutt, a lawyer who represents a number of utilities, merchant energy developers and refineries seeking permits. He said it also would affect permits for oil refinery expansion.


phil smith said...

The UMWA and Obama did not have anything to do with this decision. This is not the Obama EPA, it is Bush's EPA making this decision.

Jason said...

Yes it was. But the key part is that now it is up to the Obama administration. We have already seen what Obama and Biden have said about coal plants so what will they actually do?