Monday, November 24, 2008

Mystery solved of what happened to Kate Dillon

I think I know why I have not been seeing her in the pages of Avenue and Lane Bryant. She appears to be shrinking but is still very awesome no matter what size. Looks like maybe a French fashion magazine?


Bombshell said...

What mystery? There is none, at least for those of us who have been following Kate's career for years and who know where to look. :)
Kate has been working consistently if not as often as she used to since she's been a lean, mean size 12 (don't forget, plus size models run in size from 8 to 16 or so). She does runway and print for European designers and does printwork and advertisements for European retailers such as Elena Miro and Marina Rinaldi. she does plenty of catalog work for Euro retailers such as Happy Size and Junonia. She's not gone anywhere!
Incidentally, that first photo you posted is not Kate but Philippa Allam, another Wilhelmina model from their plus size board. That shot is from one of the Lane Bryant runway shows.

Jason said...

Well just because I am a male RN doesn't mean I am a follower of European high fashion. ;)

My wife gets the Avenue and Lane Bryant catalogs and I always looked forward to seeing if Kate was in it. Actually she is nice enough to fold over the corner of the pages for me. :) Must be the red hair and blue eyes.

I wasn't sure if she had moved on or had just left them as I could see her not wanting to be boxed in. Out closest Avenue actually closed unfortunately but they always seemed busy whenever we were there. I did see where she did a Loreal ad.

Glad to know Kate is still working and she looks great. I can't believe she doesn't have an Official website or blog.

Thanks for the info and that first pic I will blame the hat then for throwing me off.