Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two good examples of local govt waste and stupidity.

When the KY State road dept attempts to "repair" a pothole they bring in a dump truck of asphalt. Sometimes they just stop and shovel some into the hole before whacking it a few times with a shovel. When its a large spot they dump it out on the road and smear it around with a grader. When they get done its really hard to tell if it was an improvement or not. Both of these examples can be spotted on any interstate in Kentucky.

In my own city I watched the progress as the city crews worked for 3 months to replace a sidewalk 2 blocks long. There were so many workers out there you could not even count them especially the supervisors sitting in trucks. I don't know how many times this summer I was stopped in traffic forced to witness this cluster fuck. I remember sitting there on my phone stopped when a white F-150 rolled up and workers jumped out grabbed up orange cones and jumped back in like they were being chased by a herd of wolverines. Naturally it was 3:20 and they had to get back clock out. I would love to find out what the city paid in man hours for that project.

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