Thursday, November 27, 2008

The redemption of Barney Frank?

I just finished reading a 7 page article over at the New Republic titled Bailout with the subtitle of above by Michelle Cottle. No mention anywhere in 7 pages is Franks complicity in the Freddie Fannie debacle. Instead we get 7 pages of regurgitated history that reads like Barney's greatest hits. Peppered throughout is the message of how smart Frank is and how he is the driving force behind this Bailout the American people loathe.

I won't hang this entire economic failure on Frank but if he wants to take credit for this disastrous bailout the taxpayers are being saddled then by all means let him. Pin this bailout on this donkeys back with a railroad spike. It is high time the State of Mass got it's collective head out of it fourth point of contact and flushed this turd. The voters should be contstantly reminded of Franks role as the architect of both the failure and bailout.

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